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    Digital Editions won't authorize PC

    anneenvr Level 1

      I have downloaded an eBook and need Digital Editions to view it.  However, when I get to the Authorize Computer step, firstly it would say I do not have a connection (which is not true, as I am using that connection to access this forum), then it does start authorizing, but it just stalls there.  System Admin indicates that the program is still running, therefore not 'not responding', but it just goes on and on for hours.

      I have uninstalled the latest version, tried Digital Editions 3.0 and the same happened, and then tried Digital Editions 2.0.  Same is happening.

      Anything I missed?

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          Nanaky Level 5

          If Digital Edition say that you no connection its a problem with your secury software. One of this block Digital Edition, so your can not authoirze the program successfully.

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            steveg846157 Level 1

            Stop answering if you dont know what is the problem,   I  have the same issue.   I have 3 computers,  two connected to ADE just fine, one no matter what I do says it cannot find the activation server.   I have turned off my firewall, I have turned off my antivirus,  I have tried in the safe mode with internet,  I have tried every thing the internet has suggested.   Same thing.   Since I can get ADE to work with other computers on the same home wifi I know its not a connectivity issue,  its something in this one computer and looking for what it might be. Since the offending computer is my main desktop hard wired to my router,  it is frustrating.  Strange if I go back to ADE 3 I can authorize just fine.  However when I try to get something after that it says it cannot connect to the ???  what ever the sharing server is.   However if I do the same on my other computers all is good with ADE 3.   I am at the total frustration level with ADE.