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    Fuji X-T2 RAW Files Opening With Wrong Camera Calibration


      So, I'm shooting in RAW with my Fuji X-T2 in standard film mode. When I bring it into Photoshop CC on my PC, photoshop is bringing it in as ACROS in B&W. This happens when I bring it through Lightroom as well. I can export from LR as a smart object, go into Camera Raw and change the camera calibration from Acros to Standard to get the color version, but I shouldn't have to do this.  If I simply "edit in Photoshop" in LR, it comes in as a B&W.  If I open a RAW image directly in ACR, it comes in with Acros Camera Calibration.

      I tried to set the default to standard but it reverts back each time to Acros (which, by the way, is the first camera calibration option in the dropdown)

      I tried this on MAC and I don't have this issue. Any ideas??? It's driving me crazy.

      BTW, I don't have this issue with files from my Fuji X-Pro2.