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    How to do this effect?

    simens77304075 Level 1

      I have the feeling it has something to do with masks, but I'm not sure.

      I want to recreate something like this, where he makes multiple "people" (0:24 - 0:28):

      [IRL] Ski Edit by Graffite [COMEBACK] - YouTube

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To figure out how to duplicate an effect it is usually a good idea to think about the layers you would need. In this shot the skier goes up the ramp and then a copy (layer) of him sticks once, then twice when he gets to certain points in the frame.

          Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 1.54.03 AM.png

          The camera doesn't move so this is going to be easier and you will just need 3 layers. The bottom layer is the original video and the next two layers are still frames of the skier in position 1 and 2. If the camera was moving you would have to do some motion tracking to stabilize the shot and take out the movement, then insert the two copies of the skier and then put the motion back into the shot.


          The easiest way to approach this problem is to pick position 1 and position 2 and set markers in the timeline so you can accurately set the in point for each of the freeze frames. You'll still want to see the movie below so you'll have to separate the skier from the background for both of these shots.


          Photoshop has really good extraction tools so you could go to the first marker and export that frame as a PSD file and remove the background and then just bring the PSD back into AE and set the in point at the marker.


          Since the camera is not moving, and the skier is moving fairly quickly you could also just duplicate your footage twice, set the in point of the first duplicate at the first marker, then use Layer>Time>Freeze Frame to freeze the action at that point and remove the background with a simple mask drawn with the pen tool. Because the skier is moving quickly and there is nothing moving directly behind the skier you would not have to be very precise when drawing the mask. Do that twice and you're done.


          There are a bunch of ways to do this but they all involve the same thing, separate the subject from the background, freeze the action and remove the background.


          I hope this helps.