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    Photoshop CC 2017 bad performance on 5k iMac



      I'm hoping to find some answers on why PS 2017 performs so badly on my 5K iMac. In the end I've had to reinstall PS 2015 which runs like a dream.

      Right from launching, Photoshop feels very sluggish, often interrupted with a spinning ball for several seconds even when I'm not doing anything. Simple actions like selecting a different tool seems to throw the app into confusion for up to 10 seconds and attempting to perform all the usual actions or paint with any brush is a frustrating and futile activity which leaves me slightly speechless at how a piece of AAA software could be released with such bad performance. My OS is up to date, I've reset prefs, messed with graphics card settings, can't actually find the font setting someone suggested we disable, it is simply not there in prefs, there's plenty of scratch disk space, I have 24GB RAM available, the computer is only 2 years old and after all, running CC 2015 flawlessly beside it simply highlights what a poor upgrade this is. And just to rub salt in the wound, you're about to increase prices!

      This is a first for me as PS has always performed brilliantly over the years. Given the info, can anyone think of anything I haven't tried which might improve performance? Any help would be much appreciated.