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    What is the fix for "Project Create Failed with Code 1"?


      Let me throw my hat into the ring...
      I am having the same issue. I have tried installing node.js (7.0.1) then Phonegap (4.3.?)

      I used both the node and phonegap installers.  Installed them on my laptop and it works.  Both run Win 10 & use Sophos Home security package.

      I have tried every tip I can find.

      I see a LOT of posts about this but no definitive answer with a fix.

      Update: Found out that I can copy the project folder from another computer to mine and it will run. Coolness. BUT it will NOT create a NEW project.


      System Configuration
      Windows 10, generic PC, 3.2MHz(?) i7, 16GB, AMD graphics

      Network Type (home/corporate)

      Is your network using a proxy?

      Computer / Network security (firewall / anti-virus / disk encryption)
      Sophos Home

      Are you using VMs on your computer?

      Do you have multiple network adapters (or virtual network adapters)?

      Are you using VPN?
      Expected Behaviour
      Create the subfolders, build & run an app.

      Actual Behaviour
      No folders created.

      Steps to Reproduce
      Follow the steps hereL http://docs.phonegap.com/getting-started/3-create-your-app/desktop/

      Error messages
      Project Create Failed with Code 1.


      What is the answer??????????????????????