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    Need help previewing video


      Hello, i'm using AE 2017, with a free trial because I need to work on a video for the school, but when I want to work, I play the video and it starts to slow and to fast alone, and it's really annoying, I can't work normally.

      If you could help me please


      And sorry for my english

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I would suggest you read up on how previews actually work in AE in the help files.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are new to AE, and if you are using the demo you are new and you only have seven days to get to know your new friend, please Start Here: Basic AE


            After Effects must render all previews and that's a slow process dependent on the available system resources and the power of your machine. If you want to Edit AE is the wrong tool. After Effects is used for creating composites and animated graphics that you cannot create in a non linear editor. It is best suited to working on shots, barely usable as a tool to create short sequences, and completely unsuitable as a movie editing tool. More than 90% of my compositions are under 7 seconds long because most of the shots in the movies that I work on are under 7 seconds. Some of my under seven second shots have more than 100 layers because composites can get very complex, but the majority have 10 or less.


            The search help field at the top right corner of the UI is your friend, and we can help you with specific problems if you give us workflow details and a detailed description that explains exactly what you are trying to do. Full UI screenshots of your project with the modified properties (select the layer and press the u key twice) of the problem layer revealed will be the most useful.


            Good luck. Please come back to us if you have specific problems with your project.

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