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    Cineware and camera rig

    Zulkifar Level 3

      Hi everybody,


      every now and then I look into Cineware and check for improvements. It's a great frustration to see I can't get an AE camera rig to work in Cinema 4d.


      I create a composition and a camera and a 3d solid. I put keyframes in the camera point of interest, position, orientation and rotation. Export using Maxon Cineware 3d exporter from the file menu. Import that file in AE again, put it in the composition and set the cineware camera to 'Centered comp camera'. This way everything works perfectly I have the cinema 4d scene working in after effect. Same camera movement! And if I open the cinema 4d file I created with Cinema 4d, everything is perfect! All good.


      Start of animation in Cineware:


      End of animation with Cineware:


      End of animation in Cinema 4D



      Here's the problem:

      if I create a scene in AE with a camera linked to a 3d NULL object, something goes wrong. Everything in AE works fine but if I open the cinema 4d file with Cinema 4d the camera goes nuts.


      Start in cineware:


      End in Cineware


      End in Cinema 4d:



      It happens both with 'orient towards point of interest' and 'off' in AE auto-orientation settings.

      Is it what normally happens or is it something wrong with my software/workflow/settings?