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    Bone tool not working properly. Animate cc 2017


      Im tryin to animate a guy using the bone tool. The body parts are all graphic symbols and the armature and the body parts are inside another graphic symbol named "character". I set the bone starting with the torax and then conecting down to the abdomen, then it turns into two branches, one for each leg-knee-foot. And the torax connects up to 3 branches: one for the head, a second one for the left shoulder-elbow-hand, and a third branch to the right shoulder-elbow-hand. The initial result is perfect, just like the first picture, it works fine.


      But at some point (usually when I close and open the same proyect) the bone tool stop working properly, now the bones are not conected properly, some body parts dissapear when I try to move them, some body parts are not displaying the bone lines but with the selection (V) tool over that parts I can see the bone icon, and the only body parts that keep connected and moving (without dissapearing) are leaving permanent shadows like those over the leg in the second picture.
      I cant find a solution, I dont know where is the problem. This keeps happening restarting all again a new proyect and copying the same body parts, and it keeps happening in another PC. Also I deleted the "configuration" folder and it keeps happening. Sorry for the language mistakes.
      I would apreciate your help. Thanks for reading.

      Problem bone tool.jpg