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    Black and White

    bec mac Level 1

      Hi, I have many photo's I have converted from different RGB sources to "Auto" B&W. Once printed, I'm assuming they will all look similar ie in terms of the same "Auto" B&W being applied to each photo, will this give the same result even though the files comes from diff RGB sources? For example, if I convert all the files to B&W regardless of source, will some look sepia and some have diff variations of B&W. I want them to all have the same variation so they look coherent, which I'm assuming is the whole point of "Auto" B&W?


      If anyone could shed some light (pardon the pun) that would be marvellous!




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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Auto B&W just automates the way the colours and brightness levels in your image are converted to black and white. It will vary this by image.


          However, no colour tint is applied (no sepia /blue grey etc) . So for all pixels the output will be grey i.e.  Red = Green = Blue  ). That will not vary by image.


          How well your printer will print B&W , depends on the printer itself.



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            bec mac Level 1

            Thanks Dave, I thought as much.