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      Hi Digital Artists and Friends,

      I'm hoping some of you can give me some feedback. 

      I have multiple Adobe IDs from years ago with different e-mails attached to them. 

      Last summer I spent six months without internet away from home (taking care of parents). 

      When I installed Adobe Sketch on my new IpadPro at the library (wi-fi), I couldn't remember which email I had used previously. So I set up a new Adobe ID.

      Fast forward to a few days ago, I finally installed the Adobe CC after getting a new computer ( I was so comfortable with CS 6 all these years later-oh well), I created yet another ID after Adobe kept saying my previous e-mail and password taken.  Now I'm running into problems with Cloud recognizing my artwork from Adobe Sketch going to PS on Mac Book. I've got 100's of pieces of artwork in Adobe Sketch.  I can Airdrop a PNG from one to the other but I can bring any PSD files onto my computer.  I was drawing all my work on the IpadPro for my next book and this one little glitch is slowing me down. 

      I've been on the phone last week with ADOBE and APPLE and no success with all their recommendations.

      Do any of you have some suggestions?