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    Permissions Needed to Run Photoshop/Illustrator


      I have windows 10 home and Adobe Creative Suite with up to date online access.

      When I first installed my programs, I was unable to open them at all (illustrator or photoshop) because the computer kept saying it was trying to make changes to a read only file.

      It didn't matter what I changed (unchecking boxes, changing profile permissions, changing read only via command prompt) I just continued to have the same issue.

      Eventually, I finally had the [obvious] idea to run as administrator (duh) and was finally able to run my programs.

      I also had to specify for them to ALWAYS run as administrator.


      Now, EVERY time, I open photoshop or illustrator, I get the typical "do you want to allow this program to make changes" popup.

      I have already turned down the UAC setting to last from the bottom and it made no change.

      I keep it at second one down since the only difference seems to be the dimming and when I have it on the third one down, the popup doesn't appear out front, it hides somewhere and I have to find it.

      My point is it doesn't matter if it's on number 2 or 3.

      The only way I can officially get it to stop is to put it all the way to the bottom which I'm not comfortable with.


      If you have any experience with Photoshop or Illustrator, then you know you can drop a jpeg into either program and it will open up. Same with eps, png, etc. I need to do this A LOT for work and the only way I can do it right now is to use the place or import type functions which is not quick and I lose productive time.

      I tested bringing the user control setting to the bottom and then trying to place an image in the program, but it still doesn't let me.


      In short, I would LIKE the permissions pop up to STOP appearing for these programs, but ultimately my biggest need is to be able to drag and drop images into these programs and not have to go through the tedious "place" functions.


      Because this seems to be some combined issue between adobe and windows, I'm attempting to post the same inquiry on both forums in hope to gain any insight possible. Feel free to move this thread if there's a more appropriate place, but since my biggest frustration seems to be with dropping into photoshop and illustrator, I just picked one.