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    How do I create glowing circles and orb like objects?


      Hi, I need to create something like these orbs, tried doing them with circles and distort effects, but no luck so far, maybe you guys have some ideas?

      There is also animation of these orbs 0:11-0:15: Elika - VJ Loops Pack Vol.52 Slow Decorations - YouTube

      Thank you.


      Mod note: I make the title a bit closer to what you wanted to achieve with the effect.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Considering, that it was quite likely created in AE in the first place, it should of course be possible. From the looks of it, this uses some "Caustics" effect from a third-party plug-in suite and pretty obviously Trapcode Starglow and some caleidoscope effect. A similar effect can be created using CC Vector Blur that comes with AE as well as CC Kaleida. Creating the underlying structures is another matter, but that can only be found out with experimentation. You simply create the animation as solid shapes and then find out what the vector blur makes of the edges. Some circles are definitely involved, of course.