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    Lightroom CC strange behavior: Toolbars/filmstrip disappear randomly


      I've been having this problem for the last month or so.  Can't seem to figure out what's going on.  Previous to this problem, all modules were functioning properly, which is to display both left and right menus, as well filmstrip at the bottom and the top bar that shows the modules.  Since this problem began, when i switch modules, say from Library to develop, or Develop to Map (but can be any two modules), all toolbars show black. but the window with the currently selected photo or map, still displays in the middle.  Clicking in the black areas were toolbars or modules are usually displayed does nothing.  The only thing to do is to use keyboard shortcuts to go to a different module ("E" for Library, "D" for develop, or what ever module isn't the one that is effected by this window behavior).


      Usually it will go something like, I'm working in develop module, then i will click on the Map module to add geolocation to photos, and everything around the outside of the map window will be black.  Then i either click "E" or "D" to get to a module where the toolbars are working and visible, then try clicking on the Map module button again to see if the toolbars display.  Sometimes they do, sometimes, sometimes that doesn't work and i try a keyboard shortcut to a different module.  Other times I have had to close Lightroom to get things to show up.  Usually when that happens, Lightroom closes immediately without asking to backup, which i have it set up to do each time.


      I keep Lightoom updated all the time to the most current version.  I'm just at a loss as to what is causing this.  A bad installation, a catalog issue, I'm not sure.  Any help would be appreciated.  Below is an screenshot from a little bit ago when it happened.  Notice the from the sides of where the toolbars are supposed to be displayed, they are not minimized as indicated by the arrows.

      Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 3.11.36 PM.png