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    Share LR CC Catalog Catalog between Desktop and Laptop?


      Hi Folks,


      I have all of my pictures stored on my Synology NAS. I access them now from my Desktop computer (Windows 10) using LR CC (I started with LR3) with my catalog stored on my local HDD (Drive D:\My Pictures\Lightroom). I have also installed LR CC on my new laptop (Windows 10). I want to use the same catalog in both computers. Using Google I just cannot find any reliable answers to the question on how exactly to do this. I do hope someday Adobe provides official setup instructions on how to do so and makes LR a network capable program. Both computers have access to the NAS and the Pictures folder on it. How do I setup the catalog on the Desktop PC so that I can copy the catalog files over to my laptop and see the exact same pictures and all of my LR edits? Any and all working solutions from those with a similar setup would be appreciated. Thanks so much. :-)




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