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    Lightrooms future?

    gegjr Level 1

      Is Lightroom standalone application being discontinued?


      I only use Lightroom standalone NOT CC and I use PSE. I have no need for full PS and no need to edit photos with a smartphone or tablet. Although, I do admit it would be nice to be able to occasionally download a photo to my phone to share. But most times I can anticipate that and export to Dropbox or OneDrive.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          This is a user forum so no one can know.  Anyone that does know can't and won't say.  Adobe, some time ago, went on record that their plans were to continue LR as a standalone program.  That statements has not been confirmed recently, but it has not been denied either.


          If you have a version you like, keep using it. 

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            Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi gegjr,



            Lightroom standalone application being discontinued?



            Well, as of now there's no information about it.




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              Well, I guess it became official 19Oct17- Standalone is dead, there will be no Lightroom 7. I just want Adobe to know how hurtful and frustrating this is for amateur photographers like me. I entered the Adobe world when I was teacher, using it's creative suites to help make my lessons. I didn't need to use it weekly, so I could never justify dishing out money on a subscription. Nor could I pile up the work till I had enough to justify subscribing for just one month. No longer a teacher but I still love the intuitiveness of your products. I use camera raw in bridge almost exclusively, rarely do I need to go further and open up Photoshop. That said I still only use camera raw on average 1.5 times / month. Still not enough to justify the 9.99/mo price for Lightroom CC. I have been waiting for a year to hope to that Adobe would release at least one more... Now I am priced out of yet another thing. This trend of subscription service is horrible.