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    Loading Modules Issue

      We’re having multiple random issues when using loading modules within our application. We’re loading the modules using the ModuleManager class from within code. These issues only occur randomly, the modules may load without problems all but one out of few times when the application is run.

      There are three different situations occurring: (1) as error is thrown when the module is loaded (“SWF is not a loadable module”), but the module still loads properly and behaves correctly with the application, (2) the module load completes without errors, but in the Ready event the loaded module’s ModuleInfo (as accessed either through the ModuleInfo instance used to load the module or through the event parameter on the Ready event listener function) is null, or (3) the module load never returns and never raises an error.

      Currently, we can’t find any consistency with the occurrence of these errors. The last situation, (3), seems to be the most common. Included is a component that is used to load one of our modules. The method of loading we’re using is exactly the same everywhere else we load modules in our application.