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    Flashplayer 24 is not installing properly on firefox



      I have a Windows 7 64bit operating system and Im using firefox...

      Due to some problems I had to format my PC and I have reinstalled all programs back.

      But I can't install the Flashplayer no matter what I do, the download process goes up to 50% and then says "unsuccesful installation"

      I have tried every solution from the Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows 7 and earlier  mentioned site but nothing changed.

      I have downloaded an older version of flash player and tried to update it with same result as that the downloader crashes at 50% constantly.

      now I have downloaded the Flash Player 25 debugged version and installed it and tried to download and install version 24 back again but no success...


      Im using the latest version of Firefox, like I mentioned at the beginning Im using the Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit OS.

      I would be very grateful to have this issue solved. Thank you for your time have a nice day.