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    Canceling the scammy 'risk free' Adobe Stock trial without cancellation fee?



      I've been using Adobe products for almost 20+ years and manage the team adobe CC account at my place of employment.

      I've been using the Photoshop CC subscription for years and been very happy with it.  I like Adobe (for the most part, see below)


      I feel I was suckered into the Adobe Stock 'risk free' trial by a one month trial that became a surprise $300+ commitment. I'm used to ordering subscriptions online (videos game mmo, netflix, etc etc. ) I feel the disclaimers were not clear enough for honest business practices.

      I would like to have my Adobe stock subscription removed without the termination fee. (I feel this won't happen if try this on chat)

      I wish to keep my photoshop subscription.


      I thank you for your help.