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    Image Quality Issues w/ Interactive PDF


      Hi guys,


      I keep experiencing inconsistent issues both prior to/and once exporting to interactive PDF with the quality of images.


      First port of call would of course be paying close attention to compression settings, however the issues are occurring with the same compression settings. E.g. I'll export with particular settings, and the images will look completely fine, then say 30mins later I'll re-export another version with the same settings, and yet the images will now appear more compressed. The degrade in quality actually appears in the doc. prior to exporting - usually re-placing the images does the job, or re-starting the program, but other times neither work. This is perhaps the biggest issue, that it's so inconsistent, in terms of both occurrence and solutions.


      An additional question whilst I'm here - is there any way of importing videos into an Id doc, and still maintaining an exported file (Interactive PDF) size below 10mb?