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    converting HierarchicalData type to Java

    Giri s
      Hi All,

      How to read the children data from the ArrayCollection at the java end.


      I have an ArrayCollection with children and I am passing this as a dataprovider to the ADG (as HierarchicalData).

      private var dpHierarchy:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
      {Region:"Southwest", children: [
      {Region:"Arizona", children: [
      {Territory_Rep:"Barbara Jennings", Actual:38865, Estimate:40000},
      {Territory_Rep:"Dana Binn", Actual:29885, Estimate:30000}]},
      {Region:"Central California", children: [
      {Territory_Rep:"Joe Smith", Actual:29134, Estimate:30000}]},
      {Region:"Nevada", children: [
      {Territory_Rep:"Bethany Pittman", Actual:52888, Estimate:45000}]},
      {Region:"Northern California", children: [
      {Territory_Rep:"Lauren Ipsum", Actual:38805, Estimate:40000},
      {Territory_Rep:"T.R. Smith", Actual:55498, Estimate:40000}]},
      {Region:"Southern California", children: [
      {Territory_Rep:"Alice Treu", Actual:44985, Estimate:45000},
      {Territory_Rep:"Jane Grove", Actual:44913, Estimate:45000}]}

      And I am passing this ArrayCollection to the Java method. I did not find any method to read the children from the ArrayCollection.

      And also, How to convert HierarchicalData type to Java.

      Please help me to resolve this issue.