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    IDS embed or no embed

    Pickory Level 3



      When working with IDS is it better to have images embedded or not, in terms of speed. If the images were not embedded they would be on the same volume as IDS and the template, so no real network overhead.


      Any insight would be appreciated.



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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



          I think it's always best to not embed links as much as you can. Of course it overweights files but InDesign Server still tries to find the original file and will claim for a missing link. Eventually It won't prevent the file processing but it can be performance consuming.


          I am in a project where we choose to embed because files can be shared to many users in different sites and files are located in a editorial system. So embedding files was a way to be sure links will always be part of the document until the prepress stage.


          But even then we had to move some links onto the server because in some case, files went up to 80Mo



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            Pickory Level 3

            Thanks, Loic.