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    Cancelling Stock subscription penalty fee

    jlfprice Level 1

      I seem to have been suckered into the same membership scam for Stock as other users. I'm a CC subscription member and am happy with the monthly payment model.

      It appears I have signed up to a YEAR long contract that enforces a cancellation penalty fee should you wish to cancel before the end of the year contract. Upon trying to cancel, I was given an option to continue the membership for 60 days "for free." I though I would be able to cancel my contract at that point. It appears after a chat with customer service that I am still in contract until January 2018.

      I feel I was mis-sold this product. I am not a professional and had hoped to use my trial to acquire ONE image. I am now committed to £24 per month until 2018.

      Please can you advise as to how to remedy this issue? I am very disappointed that Adobe would lure users into such a strict contract without being explicit.