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    cannot deacivate jump to external uri after removing web link

    roadRunner489 Level 1


      I'm not able to remove a jump to an external URI even after removing the corresponding link. I've done the following:

      1. created a one page PDF file with Acrobat Pro DC with a link to jump to http://www.google.ch

      2. saved the file as uri.pdf

      3. edited the file using Acrobat Pro DC (Edit PDF > Link > Remove Web Links ...)

      4. This operation cannot be undone. Would you like to proceed? Yes

      5. Automatically remove web links on which pages? All

      6. A total of 1 web links were removed from the document. OK

      7. saved the edited file as uri-rm.pdf

      8. re-open uri-rm.pdf with Acrobat Pro DC (also tried Acrobat Reader DC with the same result)

      9. tested link by clicking on it: it is active and works normally!

      10. checked with Acrobat: Edit PDF > Link > View Web Links ...

      11. dialog says: There are no links to the Web on this page.


      However, the link is there and works fine.


      Why does Acrobat PRO DC doesn't see the link though the link is there and works normally?