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    Feedback wanted: Dell P2715Q monitor

    Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

      The After Effects team is tracking a problem related to using After Effects CC 2017 and earlier with the Dell P2715Q monitor. If you have this monitor, we would like more information from you.


      The problem that we are tracking is that when the MST (Multi-Stream Transport) option is enabled on this monitor, playback of fully cached previews in After Effects are not able to achieve real-time.


      When MST is disabled via the on-screen display menu on the monitor, the problem will go away and After Effects can achieve real-time playback of fully cached previews. To disable MST, open the monitor's on-screen display menu, go to the Display category, and set MST to Off.


      If you have this monitor, we would like to know:

      • Are you experiencing this problem?
      • Is MST enabled?
      • What specific version of After Effects are you using? (e.g, 14.1.057. Choose Help > About on Windows, or After Effects > About on macOS.)
      • What OS are you using?
      • What model of video card and drivers are installed?


      Additionally, if you are experiencing this playback problem on any other monitor and disabling the MST feature resolves the problem, we would like to know the same details as above, and the model of your monitor.