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    Moving from CF9 to CF11, webservices and POST bodies


      Most CF coders are familiar with passing parameters to web services via the URL such as:



      Concerned about security of using a GET request and unknown to me, one of our third party implementrs managed to get our service working by making a POST to the url:


      With the header:

      Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

      and inside the POST body this:



      To my surprise, the above actually worked fine in CF9.  We are now upgrading to CF11 and the vendor tells us that their code is all failing in our integration environment.  I tested it and it in fact doesn't work anymore in CF11 via that type of post.  I tried using both axis 1 and 2.


      What can I do to make CF11 act the same as CF9 with this way of passing parameters?