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    Lightroom 6

    Peter Appleby

      I have downloaded a trial version of Lightroom CC, but require Lightroom 6. Can any one confirm the it will support Raw Files from a Fuji X-T2. I have Photoshop CS6 and this does not work. I Understand that I would need to change to Photoshop CC.

      I am a Hobbyist and don't use it enough to justify the cast of monthly Payments and I cannot get the DNG converter to work.

      I am using a Mac.

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to (free) update to at least 6.6 / 2015.6 to support the X-T2.

          Download Photoshop Lightroom

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            https://forums.adobe.com/people/Peter+Appleby  wrote


            I cannot get the DNG converter to work.

            Where are you getting stuck with it?


            The most common issue is that people try to open a single Raw file and convert it but the Raw converter cannot find anything to convert.


            However, the Raw converter works by you pointing it to a folder of Raw files for conversion, even if there's only one image to convert.

            See Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube


            You also need to be running the correct version of the converter which supports the Raw files from your camera. In your case version 9.6 or later.

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              Peter Appleby Level 1

              Thanks for Advice, your method would be best if I can get it to work.

              I take the SD card out of my camera and use a card reader to try to download the files into a folder ready for conversion to DNG.

              However the image files do not appear on the SD card, although they are there if I look at them in the camera.

              I am running a Mac with the latest OS (sierra). If i try connecting the camera to the Mac, iPhoto says it does not recognise the files and will only download jpegs.

              I am obviously doing something wrong, but am starting to regret buying the Full X-T2.



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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                It sounds like you might have a bad, faulty, memory card. With the card in a card reader open Finder and see if you can see the files on the card. If you can't then more than likely the card is bad. Try a different card in the camera and take some test shots. See if you can then see the image files with Finder.


                The X-T2 has 2 card slots. Are you using both slots? If not are you sure the camera is set to record images to the card that is in the slot you have it in?

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                  Peter Appleby Level 1

                  I  have inserted a new SD card, and reformatted it to make sure.

                  Taken a few test shots. Raw and jpeg.

                  Then taken the card out and into my reader and I can see the images.

                  I then tried to put the image files into a separate folder in my Pictures folder.

                  This would not allow me to drag or copy the images into the folder., and now I can’t find ithe Pictures folder.

                  If i open finder, i used to have a folder called Pictures on the left hand column, but this has now disappeared!

                  I have tried to go back using time machine but it is still not showing up.

                  The iPhotolibrary file was in there, and as IPhoto still works, I assume that it is still in there somewhere.

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                    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                    Sounds like your Username/Pictures folder has had the permissions changed and maybe even become a System folder which by default on OS X is hidden from the users view and access. This seems to be a common problem on Mac OS X where the permissions on folder change at random.

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                      Peter Appleby Level 1

                      Found my pictures folder in Finder.

                      Finder, Preferences, Sidebar and tick off the ones you want to display.

                      I now have a sidebar with the folder i made, containing 1 raw file.

                      I put this into the DNG converter and select to save in same place as a DNG.

                      It says it has done it but non dng file appears.

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                        Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                        Open the DNG converter program then at the top, "1 Select the images to convert" Point it to the folder, browse to the folder, that the RAW files is in. Put a check mark in "Included images contained within subfolder" and "Skip source image if destination image already exists".

                        The in 2 Select location to save the converted images select "Save in Same Location" and check mark in Preserve subfolders.

                        Nothing in  3 and then click the Convert button at the bottom.


                        Also there is a new DNG converter, 9.9, released today. Update to that.


                        Adobe Digital Negative Converter 9.x

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