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    Unable to activate LR6



      Im trying to enable my LR6 (not CC). I had to re-install on my PC.. Its not allowing me to reregister with serial Number. HDD with old install is dead.. so cant get it deactivated. How doI get any installs registered deactivated?  Ive had a look in my account area, but dont see anything similar.

      can someone help me get this resolved?


      Many Thanks

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Its not allowing me to reregister with serial Number.


          What's the exact error message?


          Can you post a screenshot?

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            I had problems registering my LR6 and I managed to fix it today. Not sure if you are experiencing the same problem and error message but I will describe what my problem was and how I fixed it ... Perhaps, it may help.


            Last year I bought LR stand-alone to upgrade from version 3 to 6 and I installed it on 2 PCs - no problem.


            Now I needed to install LR6 on a different PC so I first uninstalled LR6 from the second computer and then downloaded the software  from my Adobe account (Note: the download includes the LR6 serial number) . The software was installed on my new computer OK but I got the following error when trying to activate the software "Serial Number you provided is valid but a qualifying product could not be found on this computer".


            I tried many times both signing in and manually entering the Serial Number for LR6 but to no avail - same error message.


            Then it occurred to me to try to enter the Serial number for LR3 ... and problem solved. (I found the Serial number for LR3 in my Adobe account history)


            Hope it helps



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              F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is not entirely correct.

              - A download never has a serial number integrated.

              - Removing/De-installing a software from a PC does not guarantee to de-register it with Adobe and it will not free up one of the 2 activations you are allowed to make with a single license.

              - There's no need to remove if you need to have it activated on another PC. You can simply sign out using the Help menu of LR and/or the Adobe Desktop App. You can have it installed on more than 2 PC's/Laptops/Macs but only 2 can be activated/signed in.

              - If your serial is an 'upgrade' serial, you always need to enter the serial of an older version too.