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    Issue with Adobe Acrobat v9 Pro validating CDS signatures in documents after a version XI signature was applied.


      Summary:  The Adobe
      Acrobat CDS digital signing solution was tested in 3 signing environments (Version 9, X and XI) with 3 unique sequences of applying the digital signatures according to a written test plan.  The first signature applied to the test documents were “Certifying” signatures.  Subsequent signatures were applied as “Approval”signatures and the last signature.  The last signatory checked “Lock” the document when signing.

      Issues Noted During Testing:

      One issue was noted as follows: Adobe Acrobat v9 was unable to validate the signatures in the document after a version XI signature was applied.  Signatures
      were able to be validated with Acrobat X Pro and Acrobat XI Pro and Adobe Reader XI.


      Is this a know issue?


      Are there any identified solutions for v9 Pro to validate version XI CDS signatures?