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    Adjustment Layers Stop Working Mid Way Through Comp?




      Thanks for taking a second to see if you can help with this! I have a comp with a couple of adjustment layers (very specifically, I'm giving a piece an old look with the instructions from this YT tutorial: HOW TO CREATE AN OLD FILM LOOK USING AFTER EFFECTS - YouTube ). The "Scratches" adjustment layers work fine for most of the composition (which runs just under 5 minutes now), but suddenly stop working about 3 minutes in. They don't disappear - they just freeze/stop changing. I can see this in both preview mode, and after rendering it out. I've got a solid desktop with 16 MB RAM, and the newest/2017/cloud version of AE.


      Any ideas why these two adjustment layers would suddenly stop adjusting halfway through a composition?


      Really appreciate your input! Thank you!




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