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    Photoshop Lightroom: My external hard drives (lacie) will not show up?



      For some reason I can't any longer find my pictures in Lightroom. I have never had this problem before. I have not moved any files or images. The different files on the whole HD (Lacie) got this sign (?). When I try to relocate them, I can see the files listed up in grey. When I push the "Choose" butten the answer is: "The folder or its subfolders are already in Lightroom. Do you want to combine these folders?" When I pushed the Yes button, they just disappeared. So I did the "undo" button to get back to as what it was.

      Im really totally helpless here and dont know what to do or who to ask.

      I would appreciate a lot of any help with this issue..


      Best regards,

      Line Fiane (Oslo, Norway)

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