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    How to measure progress of file copy?

      One of the requirements for my AIR application is to copy large files from one location to another on the client computer. I've been using the copyToAsync() method in AIR, but unfortunately this does not trigger progress events. Copying gigabyte files that take several seconds becomes pretty uncomfortable for users, when they can't see the progress.

      Does anyone know of an alternative or workaround? All I need to do is copy a file from one location to another, and measure the progress while that is happening.

      Since I control the client machines (it is a closed environment), I have the option to setup file servers on every machine and use the file download control with Flash instead of file copy. However, when I investigate this option it seems that the file download control will always trigger user interaction to select the target path (which I don't want -- I want to programatically select the source files and the target directory). If someone knows a solution to that problem I would happily take it and move on :)