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      Hi I recently purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 15, and I have not been able to successfully export a single video clip. I've even tried not hardly adding any effects at all, and most of the clips I've tried are under 5 minutes, and the estimated time says nearly half an hour. I've managed to render one of the clips but the playback still seems spotty. The files are MOV files and I'm attempting to save them as MP4's which might contribute to the slowness but I've also tried saving as a MOV file. Windows movie maker seemed to export slowly when I used to use that as well.specs.jpg

          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sorry to give you bad news, but your computer does not appear powerful enough for video editing.   It may not even be enough for video playback. 


          There is a chart that rates CPUs.  Your Pentium P6200 rates a 1349.  (http://www.cpubenchmark.net/midlow_range_cpus.htmlhttp:// )


          I have a computer that rates 7500 on that chart.  A five minute video with a few transitions will take 20 minutes for the final output.   If I were to buy a new computer today, I would want 9,000 as a minimum.


          If you have the patience, it may work even if slowly.   Try letting it go overnight.  For playing, the downloadable VLC media player is thought to be among the most efficient and may be able to play your videos more smoothly.