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    Is it possible to combine PDF pages in separate docs using a common identifier?

    Armadel Level 1

      Originally I wanted to know how to make a Javascript to combine page 1 from document 1, with pages 1-2 from from document 2, and so on, to the end of the respective files, but I've found my situation is more complicated.


      My organization is basically a large retail supply organization, we receive hundreds to thousands of orders on a daily basis. There is one Transfer Order document, and 3 copies of the Release Document.  As it stands, the system we use generates the TO's separately from the RD's, and people manually combine them after they're printed using a Delivery Number that is on each document. When the documents are generated, there is an archive file of TO PDF's, with a maximum of 200 pages per file, and there is an archive of RD PDF's, with a max page count of 400(the system only generates 2 of each release doc, we get creative with the print properties to get 3 of each).  We typically combine the TO PDF's together, then in a separate process combine the RD PDF's for validation purposes. One of the main issues we run into is that there isn't always a TO for an RD, and there isn't always an RD for a TO, so automatically combining the smaller PDF files results in mismatches. 


      What I want to know is: Is it possible to automate the combination of the TO file with the RD file and have it match the pages using the Document Number, dumping any unmatched documents into their own file?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's most likely possible, yes, but it's almost impossible to say for sure without seeing the actual files.

          Also, this kind of thing requires the development of a completely custom-made tool, which is not a simple task.


          If you're interested I'm happy to have a look at your files and let you know if I think it's doable, and if so how much it will cost to develop it.

          I can also help you sort the issue of having just two RD pages instead of three, by duplicating one of them automatically.

          You can contact me at try6767 at gmail.com to discuss it further.