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    How to undo an auto create of TOC?


      While trying to open TOC, I mistakenly hit auto create and I think as a result of it, the original TOC now  looks blank without any contents listed. It has however now created a (Default) TOC with the same contents that were in the original TOC, Is there anyway, I can reverse the auto create action and restore the contents in my original TOC. Alternately, will there be any implications if I rename the (Default) TOC with the original TOC's name? I'm brand new to Robohelp 11 and any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          HI there


          Definitely a weird situation. I'm personally struggling to comprehend how one mistakenly launches the auto-create. Normally one has to intentionally start the process, but you also have to acknowledge the intermediate dialog before it actually does its thing.


          Unless you have a backup of your project or you duplicated the TOC, there is no way to "undo" things.


          As far as renaming the TOC, RoboHelp normally "has your back" with things like this. So even if you renamed the TOC you should be fine.


          Cheers... Rick