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    Problem w/ LTV signing




      I have an Entrust ATTL Adobe signing certificate.  I have Adobe X Standard. When I sign a document, it states that 'The signature is valid' but 'The signature includes an embedded timestamp but it is invalid'


      However, when I download the same file in Adobe DC, it states that 'The document includes an embedded timestamp' and immediately below that 'This signature is not LTV enabled and will expire after ...'    However, after I right click on the Certificate info and click on 'Add Verificaton Information' and then click on the option above it called 'Validate all' - it states the 'The signature is LTV enabled'.   Why are 2 different versions of Adobe giving different info?  Also, why do I have to go through the manual steps in Adobe DC to get Adobe to say 'The signature is LTV enabled'.  Why can't the Add Verification information happen automatically?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,