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    Need to fill a field and assign variable values based on whether two other fields are null or populated

    Duquette Level 1

      I do not understand why this will only work if both fields are populated. I would also like to know if I could assign a value to variable based on what fields are populated. This is what I have so far, any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      // Populates fieild based on whether Team or TeamA is populated. If Team is populated it will set the event.value to team and add values to a set of variable. If Team is Null and TeamB is populated it will add a different value to the variables;

      var team = this.getField("Team");
      var teama = this.getField("TeamA");
      var teamz = this.getField("TeamZ");

      event.value = "";

      if(team.value==null&&teama!==null) { teamz.value=teama.value
      if(teama.value==null&&team!==null) { teamz.value=team.value
      if(teama.value!==null&&team!==null) { teamz.value=team.value