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    Pdf containing radiobuttons causes 'document is corrupt or damaged'


      We are using a 3d party component from Aspose to produce pdf files.

      These files are beeing opened ok on adobe acrobat/adobe reader on the Windows platform.

      However, when the same files are opened on the adobe acrobat reader app for Android, a message with information saying 'this file is corrupt or damaged' is displayed.

      I've debugged the pdf files, and it seems that the problem only occurs in files with radiobuttons.

      Aspose has been informed and has validated my bugreport.


      How can we debug this further? I've got an examplefile I can submit.

      The file is opened ok on windowsplatform, it must be somehow related to the android-version of acrobat, and possibly a minor error in the pdf-structure caused by 3dparty component. Maybe the Android version is stricter in regards to minor pdf-errors?