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    InDesign 2017: Interactive PDF button issues

    mccoole-creative Level 1

      So I've set up a simple navigation in my InDesign document as to export and interactive PDF report.


      The issue I'm experiencing is the buttons are either skipping a page (i.e. next should be page 2 but it's going to page 3) and the buttons are acting on a rollover when I've clearly got them down as 'on click'.


      I've tried 'on release', taking rollover appearance states (it changed colour and had a on click underline state) of buttons, testing with multiple buttons on the page and just about everything else.


      Currently I've knocked off all appearances and have 'on click' with go to previous/next page action. Navigation items sit on a Master page (not on layers so no duplication or anything like that). this still results in page skip and rollover navigation. 


      Some of the logic really isn't making sense Please help.