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    Some text vanishes in documents when adding them to a book


      I have created a collection of indesign files which are each the chapter for a book in InDesign.   Pretty simple stuff, just a couple of master pages, one for a page with a title and one for a normal page.   I had created all the chapter files before compiling them all into a book.   However, now I have added the files to a book to correct page numbering, some but not all of the chapter files are no longer displaying their text.   It is still there, I can see it in Story Editor, but it is all overset and I can't work out why.  There are 24 chapters and it seems to have happened to about half of them.


      Adding them to the book also seems to have permanently changed the files.  I can restore them from Google Drive backups, but I suspect if I try to build the book again from backup files the same thing will happen.

      Any suggestions?