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    flex builder 3.0.1 check sum

      Today I download flex builder 3.0.1 (FB3_win.exe windows version standalone ), when use md5sum check the file, It not same as the adobe's page (Windows: 5685090ac5f2a514075e7a7bd7ba1eb0), my checksum is (963d2a6fee8f9fc3fd496d1e69de093a FB3_win.exe),and I redownload the FB3_win.exe now checksum is (9d85401cfb42792278e84403fc565cbf FB3_win.exe).
      now I don't know which one is the correct,anyone can tell me the checksum of FB3_win.exe which download from http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=flex3email

      now i searched form google,it sames 5685090ac5f2a514075e7a7bd7ba1eb0 is flex builder 3.0,not 3.0.1.
      look at http://blogs.adobe.com/flex/2008/02/its_on_flex_30_and_adobe_air_1.html

      btw ,i use two download file , this two file both can install and not report any error,and i also run and debug two sample application ,it seems ok.but now i am confused totally