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    PDF's nonstandard/custom tags


      I am working on an accessibility checklist.  I need to be able to explain the following statement that I got off of HHS.gov:


      If nonstandard/custom tags are used, they are to be mapped correctly in the "Document Roles" dialogue box and verified as working, via assistive technology. testing.


      What are nonstandard tags?  Where do I find the "Document Roles?"  What about mapping?


      I need to put this into layman's terms.

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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          In tagged PDF you can call your tags any way you want. Quite a few applications (Word InDesign, ...) for example use the names of the paragraph styles as  tag names when exporting to tagged PDF. As of course nobody, not to mention assistive technology,  would ever know beforehand which such custom named tag implies which semantic role, it is necessary to define for auch such custom tag, what its semantic role is. Semantic roles are expressed by using ome of the predefined standard tags, such as H1, P, Table, Div, etc.


          Each tagged PDF has a location - the RoleMap entry - where a list of mappings between custom tags and standard tags is stored. So if I decided to call my paragraph style for heading level 2 "Überschrift 2. Ebene" (which you will only be able to fully understand if you know some German), there might be a custom tag "Überschrift 2. Ebene" in the tagged PDF I create, but there should also be an entry in the RoleMap that indicates that the standard tag for this custom tag is H2.


          In Acrobat you can double check the RoleMap by going to the Tags panel, and in the fly-out menu in the upper left of that panel, execute the menu item "Edit Role Map...". This is also the place to fix anything that is wrong or might be missing (make sure that the custom tag names in this list are exactly the same as the tag names used in the actual tagging structure in the document).

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            kendrabarker71 Level 1

            So is the Role Map the same as "Document Roles dialogue box?

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              a_C_student Level 3

              That's it. May be called slightly different things in different versions of Acrobat Pro.