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    psd-file of 200 MB is said to be larger than 2 GB and can not be saved

    silvan2df Level 1

      Dear forum,


      we are experiencing a strange behaviour on our graphic workstations on which we recently deployed CC 2014.

      During testing, a psd-file of 200 MB containing 3 layers with dimensions of 5400x1957 (72 dpi) could not be saved giving the error message "file could not bei saved because document is larger than 2 GB".

      There are 2 strange things which I cannot explain:

      a) why is the .psd of 200 MB said to have more than 2 GB?

      b) why can it be saved easily using CS6 and not at all saved using PS CC2014 or 2015.3 ?


      I know there is .psb for large documents, but this is even more proprietary than .psd and not suitable when using other software.

      Is there a hint how this issue could be resolved? I already played with the file options like "compress psd and psb"


      Thanks in advance for your help!