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    Automatic recomposition of lost or missing -HDR.dng and -Pano.dng files.

    Julia Wolf

      Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have lost some derivative HDR.dng and Pano.dng files created in Lightroom. I still have the original RAW files, and my Lightroom catalog, with all of the metadata intact. So, given:

      • DSC1232.NEF
      • DSC1233.NEF
      • DSC1234.NEF
      • Complete and intact Lightroom Catalog containing all edits to HDR.dng and Pano.dng files

      Is it possible to have Lightroom recreate the lost DSC1234-Pano.dng or DSC1234-HDR.dng file on disk? Lightroom should have all of the necessary input data to the HDR and Panorama merge functions. Right? Or does Lightroom not store any metadata about the inputs to HDR and Panorama?


      I want to recreate these lost DNG files exactly as they were the first time.