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    After Effects 2017 preview lagging in Windows

    timothyc70156694 Level 1

      It is not just a Mac issue as I am having the same problem on Windows 10. Seems to plague CC 2017( more than 2015.3, even though I have seen it less frequently in 2015.3.


      Plagues several machines in our work environment.


      How does playback misbehave?

      I am not talking about playback, I'm not that ambitious, I would settle for a single frame.

      My comps are simple sequences with vignette shape layers and Hue/Sat adjustment layer. No particles or third party plug-ins. Pretty vanilla comps for After Effects.

      I can move the CTI down the timeline and there will no screen redraw for several minutes. Clearing the cache files does not alleviate. If I save the file, sometimes it will redraw soon after, not always.




      Boot drive is an SSD and cache drive is an SSD.

      Dell Inc. Precision T5600

      Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)

      2.70 gigahertz Intel Xeon E5-2680 (2 installed)

      NVIDIA Quadro K5000

      64 GB RAM