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    CC Camera Raw Adjustments not showing in CS5/6


      Hi all, I have searched at length for an answer to this but to no avail. I'm hoping that someone here will have a quick fix.


      In my workplace we are currently running different versions of Photoshop/Bridge ranging from CC back to CS5 and CS6. The reason for this is that we have machines of different ages and our funding dictates that we can't update them all to the same version.


      Since getting our newest macbook which is running CC, i have noticed that any image adjustments that are made to .NEF files when opened in Bridge and edited in Camera Raw, are not being saved into the .xmp file, so when the image is opened in Bridge on another machine the image appears as it would straight out of the camera. Strangely, any cropping done on the CC machine remains intact, only image adjustments such as exposure are affected.


      So i guess my question is, is Camera Raw in CC incompatible with older versions, and if so, is it possible to tell it to edit in such a way that it is compatible with previous versions?


      Thanks in advance for any input.