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    The "deviceready" event does not seem to be firing...

    cote.jp Level 1

      Phonegap Build newbie here.


      When I launch my app on my Android 6.0.1 tablet, it does not start (because deviceready event does not fire). When I test it in Ripple, it works fine. It also works fine if I don't listen to the deviceready event and simply call my code on load.


      Everybody says I should be listening to deviceready, why isn't it working?


      My script is linked in header of my html file. I call my script's init() function from the body's load event: <body onload="init();">


      My init() function looks like this:


      function init() {


        if (navigator.userAgent.match(/(iPhone|iPod|iPad|Android|BlackBerry|IEMobile)/)) {

         document.addEventListener("deviceready", start, false);
        } else {





      On the tablet, the start() function is never called.


      P.S. As per the Phonegap Build's instruction, I am not including phonegap.js or cordova.js.


      What am I doing wrong?