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    Adobe REFUSING to give REFUND


      Upon checking my bank account yesterday I noticed a $377+ taken out of my bank account for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. While checking into this matter, there was an auto renewal that happened on March 4th. I canceled my subscription right away and tried talking to a support member right away about receiving a refund.


      They are refusing to give a refund, saying that it's because I cancelled the subscription. The payment was still pending in my bank account and it has been two days after the auto renewal. It's not like I was using Creative Cloud for  a few months and decided I need a refund.


      I have never had such a problem with such a large company and have received much better customer service from smaller companies. How do think they not giving a refund for a subscription that was cancelled after two days will make me want to purchase the Creative Cloud when I may need it in the future? It won't.