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    How do I connect photos when my new PC has a D drive and the old one had a C drive?


      I have just purchased a new Desktop, and loaded Lightroom v 5 onto it (oddly enough I was not asked to give the registration number), and uploaded  all my data from the old PC. On the old PC the data was stored on the "C" drive, but this new PC has a data drive labelled "D", and Lightroom states "The folder cannot be found", but will display all the phots along the bottom of the screen. The images in the centre of the screen are extremely blurred and I am unable to work on them in any way. It also shows all the relevant key words, and allows me to search by them, but the photos are very indistinct on screen.


      How can I reassign the photographs so Lightroom recognises them `en masse` and allows me to work with them, as I don't really want to reassign around 5,000 photos individually.


      Advice gratefully received


      Thanks in advance


      Stewart French