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    Character Animator Temp File Error



      The following two error messages display upon startup of Character Animator and I cannot use the software. I can eventually import a puppet if I click OK multiple times every 3-4 seconds but I just cannot create a scene.

      I have tried deleting the project folders, turning off all cloud based syncing, and reinstalling the software but still get the same result. 

      Any thoughts on how to correct this?


      -Dell Latitude E5470

      -16 GB RAM

      -500GB SSD hard drive (108 GB used)

      -Intel i5 2.4GHZ

      -Windows 10 Enterprise



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          "Failed to create temporary file" seems to suggest a permissions issue. Usually, your projects and files are stored in your Documents > Adobe folder by default, unless you picked a different destination. Even if Ch starts up blank, it makes an empty new project. Temp files are most likely being written into your Ch Data > temp.noindex folder there...so it seems like for some reason CH is having trouble writing there.


          Is there any reason you can think of why that would be happening? Using a company or school computer, saving into a Dropbox folder with different settings/permissions, etc? If not let me know and I an ask the extended team to see if they have any guesses.

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            michaelm17258939 Level 1

            I am using a company computer. Armed with your file permission suggestion, I visited our IT folks. They are able to correct the problem by tweaking the file permission settings within the actual Adobe folder (by deselecting Read-only) along with the write settings in Symantec Endpoint Protection. 

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