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    I Can't Open Book On My Nook

    cheryl blaisdell

      I am having problems downloading a book from my public library. I get it downloaded and copied to my Nook, but when I try and open it, it says the book has been returned. I try to redo this and I get several copies of the book, it "restores" old copies from previous attempts. I have also seen a message that I don't have "permissions" to copy the book to my Nook. Please... Can anyone help? I'm trying to borrow it/check it out from my library, but I do think it will work if I "buy" it., but I was hoping to avoid doing this, and I wonder if this will be a problem with all the future books I try to check out from my library. I use our local library here in Minneapolis, Hennepin County Library, and the book I am trying to check out, is "Reckless Desire", the third of a three book set, which the first two downloaded and opened fine, no problems.  Thanks very much for any help or suggestions anyone can offer..!!!          Cheryl